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Start Saving Your Money!

Shoot us now! Seriously, grab the glock out of my dressing room drawer and put us out of our collective misery.

Lamar, why do you do this to us! A unisex fragrance featuring you and your wife? Unless this is your cruel attempt at getting back at NBA fans and coaches alike for the All Star snub, this ad has no reason to be in circulation. Here are some of the most memorable quotes:

There is something sexy about a couple sharing a scent” (Is there? Not that I was aware of)

That perfect mix of masculine and feminine” (Ok, this is just wierd. Where is this world going?)

Introducing a one of a kind unisex fragrance” (Only true statement in the entire ad)

Do these people need the money that bad? Lamar, how will your teammates react to this thing?

This has befuddled the hair off my head. Comments are as welcome as ex-dictators in Saudi apartment complexes.

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