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Deron Williams On The Jersey Shore!

Deron To Replace Recently Departed Sammi On "The Jersey Shore"

Although all the details surrounding the deal have not yet been revealed, this is where we stand at the moment

The deal involves the Nets and Jazz.

New Jersey Nets get: Deron Williams

Utah Jazz get: Devin Harris, Derrick Favors and two first-round picks (Nets 2011 pick & Nets-owned Warriors 2012 pick)

This is huge news for the Jazz following the abrupt retirement of long-time coach Jerry Sloan last week. They look like the ultimate winners in this trade. What could be even more attractive than the potential that Favors brings to this team are the first-round picks which, judging by the Nets record this season, could be lottery. Favors will now be vying for a spot on the Jazz’s front court with Millsap and Jefferson, which may mean one or both of them could be on the trading block.

On the Nets side of things, this was a master class in negotiation from Prokhorov. He helped the Nuggets drive up the price on Melo and then swooped in to get D-Will right before the deadline. Weakening divisional opponent while strengthening your own roster = masterclass. Although the Nets gave up Derrick Favors in this deal, they now have a superstar piece which may be enough to attract Dwight Howard in 2012.

Nets got (arguably) a better player than Carmelo Anthony for less than what they were offering the Denver Nuggets for MeloJohn Schuhmann

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