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The Biggest Loser: Skills Challenge Edition

Out of the showbiz and glitz of the past weekend’s events, a number of winners emerged. Blake dunked over a car, James Jones blitzed the triffecta gala and Spicy Curry burned his way through the field at the skills contest. However, here at the daily segway, we choose not to celebrate our deserving winners. Instead, we take a long, yet refreshing, gulp of the sweetest haterade this side of the “round mound of rebounding” and laud our undeserving losers. Yes, the same ones who provided us with the gut-wrenching laughs, that kept us tipped over the edge of our couches for substantial portions of the past weekend.

First up, we present Christopher Paul. His plaudits include being considered the best point guard in the league (behind Derrick Rose and Deron Williams), a “near” MVP season (Thanks to 07-08 MVP, Kobe), as well as three previous appearances in the skills challenge without a win. In order to redeem what was left of his street cred, he jumped at the opportunity to participate in an unprecedented fourth skill challenge. Here were the results.

Congratulations Chris, you are the biggest loser. Maybe we can have a reunion season at next year’s event in Orlando.

HT: TDS/8935

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