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President Obama and SNL’s Seth Meyers Address Critics through Humour

OK, OK, OK we all know the leader of the free world is making news for other reasons today but let that not deflect your attentions from the real facts.

The real facts are these.

  • The White House Correspondents Dinner is an annual event hosted by the White House correspondents association attended by members of the press-corps and administration.
  • Barrack Obama was born in America.
  • Donald Trump is thinking of being the Republican Party candidate for President next year.
  • Seth Meyers is the lead writer on NBC show “Saturday Night Live”

Before we kick-off the soirée let us paint a picture of the recent unsubstantiated rumours surrounding this event.

The ‘Birther’ issue had captured the nation’s awareness according to the wild and often “combed-over” imagination of the egotistic, Donald “You-Are-Fired” Trump.

Celebrity Apprentice had captured the ratings and adoration of the nation’s TV-lover while catapulting Trump’s self-fulfilling hubris to new heights.

Requests for proof of the President’s birth certificate morphed into the deranged musings of someone who clearly sips their own brand of mushy-brain inducing Cool-ade.

Questions grew more bizarre but yet found themselves curtailed by the petty nature of academic record-denying and Trump’s tit-for-tit exchanges with himself.

For the most part Obama remained composed, almost unwilling to take his shots because he knew his chance would eventually come. Long-form birth certificate here, “no comment” there and Obama rolled into the plush affair ‘amped’ and ready to roast those in attendance.

Finally his moment. Ladies and gentlemen the commander-in-chief.

Just as people took out their handkerchiefs and got ready to wave their white flags at the spate of digs and pokes that characterized the Obama routine, up-stepped one Seth Meyers.

Compared to the bandwagon that greets the star-power of Mr. Obama, one could call Meyers, a relative unknown. As a lead writer for satire parody show “Saturday Night Live” he has an obscure and temperamental fan base that should regularly put a damper on any self-confidence.

This however did not the stop the man. Even when invited to speak at a dinner, where the price of the cutlery alone dwarfs his pay-grade as a writer of simple jokes and observations, the man was fearless.

Here he stepped up to the plate. Would he hit a home-run or would he bunt for a hellish run to first base? You decide. Let us know in the comments below.

  1. May 2, 2011 at 9:57 PM

    Thanks minisculeme, we strive to keep you laughing by staying serious about satire.

  2. May 2, 2011 at 9:32 PM

    I like how you are using satire in your blogs. Keep up the good work!!!

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