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High Fives Hurt!

The high five. Something so simple that has often been made complex.

An act that has the power to renew and reassure a spirit just as much as it can discard and destroy a soul. When it works, one of the sweetest feelings on this earth, but when it fails, “paper bag over your face” time!

Here we have prepped some of those “paper bag over your face” moments. Enjoy.

Ouch… Now thats a pep rally if I ever did see one.

Someone please reach out to this enthusiastic young man in any possible way. He deserves it!

The look on the mascot’s face says it all. “Whose gonna get a high-five? I am, I am, I am….. I am not :(

He later went on to admit he was joining the crowd in a good old Mexican wave. Sure thing Al. Whatever you say buddy.

Thoughts? Horror stories? Let us know in the comments below.

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The Real Housewives of Shinu [What]?

With the tremendous success of reality television over the last decade or so ideas are constantly being peddled to studios and production companies the world over.

The latest such idea was recently unveiled by Jimmy Kimmel. The comedy host of “Jimmy Kimmel Live” unveiled the latest proposed season of successful  reality TV franchise “The Real Housewives of…”

Watch below.

Looks to be loads of entertainment potential here. What does everyone think?

President Obama and SNL’s Seth Meyers Address Critics through Humour

OK, OK, OK we all know the leader of the free world is making news for other reasons today but let that not deflect your attentions from the real facts.

The real facts are these.

  • The White House Correspondents Dinner is an annual event hosted by the White House correspondents association attended by members of the press-corps and administration.
  • Barrack Obama was born in America.
  • Donald Trump is thinking of being the Republican Party candidate for President next year.
  • Seth Meyers is the lead writer on NBC show “Saturday Night Live”

Before we kick-off the soirée let us paint a picture of the recent unsubstantiated rumours surrounding this event.

The ‘Birther’ issue had captured the nation’s awareness according to the wild and often “combed-over” imagination of the egotistic, Donald “You-Are-Fired” Trump.

Celebrity Apprentice had captured the ratings and adoration of the nation’s TV-lover while catapulting Trump’s self-fulfilling hubris to new heights.

Requests for proof of the President’s birth certificate morphed into the deranged musings of someone who clearly sips their own brand of mushy-brain inducing Cool-ade.

Questions grew more bizarre but yet found themselves curtailed by the petty nature of academic record-denying and Trump’s tit-for-tit exchanges with himself.

For the most part Obama remained composed, almost unwilling to take his shots because he knew his chance would eventually come. Long-form birth certificate here, “no comment” there and Obama rolled into the plush affair ‘amped’ and ready to roast those in attendance.

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Love At First Listen: Jack Edwards, The Monologue Prince

April 30, 2011 5 comments

According to the wonderful academic resource that is not Wikipedia, a monologue is when a character speaks his or her thoughts aloud while addressing the audience.

A common tool used in television, cinema and theatre , this once beautiful and rare piece of dramatic ordnance has found itself lost in today’s mainstream factory belt of entertainment production. This art has been disfigured so violently it has become a pain-staking endeavour to sift through the slurred speech of the raving madmen of this world (see one North African despot after another) to discover the simple, core-shattering elegance of a well vociferated monologue.

………………….[Pause for dramatic effect] [In addition to gazing into the distance while pondering the despair of the reality we face]

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Go New York Go!

No matter how poor this song is I have to admit, after a third listen, I was loving the chorus. I could even go as far as saying I was singing along.

Yet again it seems Swizz Beats has hit us with a song that has his trademark triad of catchy chorus and beat plus barely thought-out lyrics.

I’m gonna go ahead and say it since everyone is thinking it. Why Alicia, whyyy?

And one more thing…

“Go New York Go New York Go!” (x30)

WWW (Why Wall Won)

February 19, 2011 Leave a comment

In case you missed it, this was one of the record 22 reasons John Wall won the rookie-sophomore MVP award last night!

This delicious dime, to the dunkologist that is Blake Griffin, had every one of us doing the dougie while collectively screaming like girls at a Bieber concert (or atleast it had me doing that…little too much info).

You Blatche!

February 19, 2011 Leave a comment

The quest for the elusive triple double has often led many down the path to disaster. As elusive as the triple double is, one man has constructed a formula by which to achieve this perilous goal! This man is Andray Blatche. The daily segwey is proud to present to you this piece of footage history.

In unrelated news, Andray Blatche also recently airballed a dunk.

Oh Andray, sometimes you play and act kinda like a Blatche! But thats why we love you big fella’.

(via Outside the NBA)