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Welcome us Back!

The prodigal blog has finally returned.

We wish our come back to the world of internet entertainment could be as dramatic as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s return to the world of wrestling entertainment


………. but unfortunately its bigger than that.

We need more than just pyrotechnics and loud music. We need more than just signs and cheers. We need more than just jumping up and down. We need more than just go-go attitudes or the resounding bang of a catchy platitude. We need more than just uninhibited joy or unconstrained longing. We need more than just the adoration of millions of followers.

What we need is laughter. All kinds of laughter for that matter!

Unbridled laughter, unadulterated laughter, side-splitting laughter, vertigo-inducing laughter, insincere laughter, awkward laughter, misplaced laughter, mocking laughter, sarcastic laughter, pained laughter, evil laughter, dark laughter…

And more than anything we need supportive laughter. For we are but a humble blog that often doubts itself. We do try our best, but in the moments when the punchline is lacking bite or the detail is without substance, please do provide us the supportive laughter that gives us the will to go on.

Because at the end of the day, when the cookie crumbles and the sun sets, your laughter sends us into the drool-inducing coma that is a deep sleep. Something all humans regularly crave.

Thank “You“s

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