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Wilson’s Live Tweet: 5/28

Wilson’s Madness is Evidence of his Brilliance”. Victor Hugo (Posthumously)

Wilson here: When everyone counts you out just remind yourself that some people can only count so far. #DigitDeficiency

Wilson here: Swish once told me he had a crush on CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and Al Jazeera weatherman Everton Fox. #BeastialityMeetsHumanity

Wilson here: Playing sports and dating are the same. You get rejected a many times before you end up suceeding and scoring! #NoPainNoGame

Wilson here: People always ask me what my thought process is. I tell them that I believe in cost-cutting. Processes always sound expensive!

Wilson here: Some have asked me what TV shows I watch? My response is always the same. “Most of them”. #VagueAnswersAreFun

Wilson here: Many don’t know this but I do have a last name. You just don’t hear it coz it is made up entirely of silent letters. #

Wilson here: I can only condone going down when in the elevator! #ReadIntoThisAllYouWant #MindsOutTheGutter #Please

Wilson here: Professionalism is coming into the office wearing a shirt with two ties. One down the front and one down the back. #TrendAlert

Wilson here: There was a time I could remember the names of every person I had ever met. I just don’t remember when that time was. #Memories

Wilson here: The Daily Segway reminds me of the Syrian intelligence agency. They fully support the rights of management to do what they like

Wilson here: #BeatingsAreBad but #ThreatsAreWorse

Wilson here: All tweets are status updates. Are all status updates, tweets? Venn Diagram please. #HighSchoolMathWasBooorrrriiinnnggg

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